Management helps the children foundation of SOS

Studio Management helps SOS



Studio Management Pvt. Ltd. has helped the SOS children foundation at Geta, Kailali. It was done on the occasion of Nepali New Year by conducting different musical functions at Dhangadi.
Ashish Poudel, representing Studio Management, donated NRs. 15,000/- to SOS children foundation which was received by Padam Hamal, the director on Thursday, April 22, 2016. 25% of the revenue generated from the concert held in Chaitra 30, New Year Rock Music Night tickets, was given as a charity. Ashish said that SOS required help which is why certain part of the amount generated from the musical program was provided to this noble cause. He further stated that musical performances should not only just provide entertainment, but also fulfill their social responsibilities as well.
In SOS, children whose parents are either deceased or are in the verge of getting deceased are resided.



Padam Hamal, the director of SOS, said that SOS is a non-profit organization which runs through charity and the fund will be used for the well-being and education of the children living there. He further stated that SOS requires support from the local level and warmly thanked the helping hands.
Sources : Paschim Today and Dhangadi Post (22nd April, 2016)

Photo of the concert-day’s ticket :



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